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"Imperial forces claimed Lirra and surrounding systems over the weekend, driving out the Hutt dynasty which has ruled the planet for the past nine decades. The take-over was largely peaceful, and the Shando metro area is calm this coming."
―A Colonial News Nets report[src]

The planet Lirra was subjugated in 2 ABY. Three months before the take-over, an undercover news investigation team discovered that the Jhank Shel Hutt clan maintained over a million Human slaves on Lirra. In response to the pressure of the public opinion, Moff Heedra of the Baxel sector declared Lirra a planetary disaster. Heedra sent Imperial forces to claim Lirra and surrounding systems. The subjugation was largely peaceful, with the Hutts merely lodging an official protest with Coruscant.[2] The Jhank Shel members were soon driven back into Hutt Space.[4] Relief asisstance groups arrived on Lirra in the days following the planet's subjugation and it was expected that an Imperial governor would be appointed to supervise the reorganization of the planet's infrastructure.[2]

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