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"This is Morgan Katarn, leader of the Rebels on Sulon, the only moon of Sullust. I don't have much time left, but with luck, this protocol droid will escape the battle and spread the images of this bloodbath to every planet in the galaxy. To make sure everyone knows our story, I'm recording exactly what happened."
―Morgan Katarn recording the events of the subjugation into A-Cee — Quote-audio Listen (file info)[src]

In 1 BBY, during the Galactic Civil War, Imperial forces under the command of Inquisitor Jerec subjugated the moon Sulon.


Prior to 1 BBY, Sulon colonists who were opposed to the Galactic Empire and the SoroSuub Corporation's handling of the moon, quietly organized themselves in armed resistance. They constructed a geothermal energy distribution system called G-Tap to secure their independence from outside power sources and organized colonization efforts to the planet Ruusan.

Eager to clamp down on resistance activity, the Empire sent a small force supervised by the Inquisitor Jerec to subjugate Sulon and destroy the Rebel presence there. Only an Imperial I-class Star Destroyer was sent, as it was believed the operation would not require any larger vessel. Vengeance was commanded by Captain Thrawn while the ground forces were led by Major Noda.

The battleEdit

The military operation was conducted with a dual purpose in mind, both destroying the Rebels on Sulon and at the same time lay the blame on the Rebel Alliance by making it out to be their doing. To this end, all soldiers and vehicles were marked with Rebel insignias, although the hoax was only partially successful.

Special elite soldiers from the Empire's Ghost Battalion attempted to track down Rebel leader Morgan Katarn. They destroyed many homesteads and massacred entire families in the process, all in an effort to discredit the Rebels further.

After surviving the initial assault, Katarn organized his volunteer force and attempted to resist further. After days of fighting, the remaining Rebels barricaded themselves in the G-Tap installation, and attempted to hold out for as long as possible.

Despite their efforts, the combined-arms assault of the Empire overwhelmed them and all the Sulon Rebels were killed, save Katarn, who was brought on-board Vengeance and killed by Jerec personally.


Kyle Morgan death

Kyle with a recording showing his father's fate.

Having removed all resistance from the moon, the Galactic Empire took direct control and Jerec became Governor, having a Government House built in the center of the capital, Barons Hed.

Outside the city walls, the heads of Rebels were put on display, with Morgan Katarn's head being prominently displayed, impaled upon a spear made up of bones.

Kyle Katarn received word of his father's death at the hands of Rebels, and became more dedicated to his role in the Empire. He would eventually learn the truth of the slaughter and defect to the Rebel Alliance, and eventually became a hero of the Alliance, the New Republic, and the New Jedi Order.



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