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The Sublight Products Corporation, or Subpro in short, was a starship manufacturer based in the Inner Rim. It was considered inferior to other manufacturers and its customers were mostly backwater starlane captains.


Located far from the Core Worlds, Subpro was founded and owned by several Trandoshan shipbuilders. It was considered a second-class manufacturer, although its ships were competitively priced and among the highest quality. Subpro began working jointly with the Incom Corporation in 147 BBY[1] to design and manufacture a number of similarly-shaped starfighters, though it never received a full share of the credit for its part in designs. These included the Z-95 Headhunter[2] and the ARC-170 starfighter.[3]

Their lines of medium combat cruisers and sublight fighters gathered rapid acceptance, but were not as popular as those of other companies. Their designs were found in backwater planets across the galaxy, and their freighters lagged well behind those of the Corellian Engineering Corporation.

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Subpro manufactured the ARC-170 starfighter with Incom

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