The Sublight Queen was Nien Nunb's stock light freighter.


When Nunb joined the SoroSuub Corporation, he was given this old freighter to carry minerals and raw materials to some outlying systems. Nunb named the ship, discarding any previous name she could have, and began a successful career as a pilot and navigator for SoroSuub.

Working as a trade runner in the Queen, Nunb met and became friends with Lando Calrissian, a noted gambler and entrepreneur.

In 2 BBY, SoroSuub chairman Siin Suub issued the Corporate Proclamation 137d, upon which Nunb's home planet Sullust would became a corporocracy, under the control of SoroSuub, and a supporter of the Galactic Empire. Not wanting this, Nunb deserted from SoroSuub and became an independent resistance fighter, using the Queen for some guerrilla attacks, first on his own and later on as a member of the Sullustan resistance movement, under the command of his childhood friend Sian Tevv.

During one attack against SoroSuub's assests, the officers felt that they could not resist Nunb's raids and asked for Imperial reinforcements. The arrival of an Imperial-class Star Destroyer changed the tide of the battle in favor of SoroSuub, and the Sublight Queen was destroyed. Nunb, however, managed to survive and joined the Rebel Alliance


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