The subteroth was a bipedal non-sentient species native to Makeb.[2]

Subteroths typically lived in deep underground caverns, hunted using scent and the crest on the back of their head, a hypersensitive organ that picks up the electromagnetic fields of a prey's heartbeat and transmits it directly to the their nervous system. When their native planet was invaded by the Hutt Cartel in in 3639 BBY the subsequent the over-mining of Isotope-5 caused ground-quakes that driven the Subteroths out of their normal hunting grounds and toward the surface.[1]

In the last stages of the Dread War several Makeb predators taken to the Oricon moon were used in the defense of the Dread Masters.[3]


A gigantic female Subteroth on Oricon

One of those species were the Subteroths that were corrupted to guard both the inside and outside the Dread Fortress.

Two gigantic Subteroths could be found in the Dread Cavern area north of the Dread Fortress.[4]

In the Dread Fortress itself packs of Subteroths patrolled it's corridors and attacked any intruders, although smaller in size, those creatures were altered in such a way that exploded when slayed.

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In Star Wars: The Old Republic, Heliotropic Subteroth is a minipet given to all players with accounts active in May 11, 2014, and Deepcrest Subteroth is minipet given after killing Draxus in the Dread Fortress.

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