The Subterra Period was a period of time in the galaxy that lasted from 8000 BBY to 7000 BBY. During this time, there was new mapping of the galactic southern quadrant. The planet of Malastare acted as an anchor for short hyperlane snippets, also known as praediums. The supply lines that linked the galaxy with the Rishi Maze were also constructed.[5]

The rapid expansion however led to lawlessness in the Rim and Coruscant lost its control on its new territories. This was thought to have contributed to the Second Great Schism in 7003 BBY, which led to the start of the Hundred-Year Darkness.


  • 8000 BBY
    • The Subterra Period begins.[1]
    • The planet Malastare becomes a member of the Republic.[1]
    • The Republic establishes an outpost on the eastern continent of Malastare, and the Gran species soon begin to make their own settlements and politically dominate the world.[6]
    • Goroth Prime is discovered by Corellian pirates.[7]
    • The star Colu expands, swallowing the planet Clak'dor I. (Approximate date)[8]
  • 7811 BBY
  • 7700s BBY
    • The Verpine master crafter Lyns Skutroo pioneers the squintpipe process for power generators, having reverse-engineered the Waymancy Storm technology. As a result, shielding technology become important in combat, evolving from simply protection against environmental phenomena.[9]
  • 7500s BBY
    • Further refinement of the squintpipe process allows for increases in shield power and regeneration.[9]
  • c. 7328 BBY
  • 7003 BBY
  • 7000 BBY



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