The Sudden Restoration was a Carosite-built and operated hospital ship that saw service throughout the Galactic Civil War, offering free health care to all beings, regardless of political affiliation.


A modified Kuat Drive Yards class-C frigate, the Sudden Restoration traveled the galaxy providing free medical care to all, acquiring a legendary patient recovery rate. It received its name after a year of service, from the frequent reactions given on its arrival. The wounded at the sites of recent battles saw the ship unexpectedly appearing out of nowhere to care for them.[1]

Carosite physicians

Carosite physicians work aboard the Sudden Restoration.

The Sudden Restoration offered medical care to the sick and wounded, regardless of their political affiliations. Because of this liberal approach, it was largely free from attack, with pirates known to hunt down any who dared attack the ship. However, on one occasion the ship was attacked by a bounty hunter. He had been hired by a crime lord to assassinate an Imperial officer that was receiving treatment on the ship. After events such as this, the New Republic insisted on stationing some X-wings aboard to provide some small fighter cover to the ship.[1]

However, its neutrality didn't render it immune from all manipulation. On one occasion, the Galactic Empire blackmailed one of its physicians into serving as their agent. He put Republic officers into comatose states, such that they appeared to have died of natural causes. He then jettisoned their coffins into space where the Imperials later picked them up for interrogation.[1]

The ship was so successful that the Carosites considered producing more like it. Many of its patients were later transferred to Carosi Alpha Hospital on Carosi XII itself.[1] The Sudden Restoration was open to different methods of healing, and for a time the Ewok shaman Keoulkeech served aboard it.[2]


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