"Don't spill your water, and don't kill Chewie."
―Sue Rostoni, on what she's learned during her work in the Star Wars universe[src]

For some twenty years, Sue Rostoni was the executive editor and fiction and comic editor at Lucas Licensing. In her role at Lucas Licensing, Rostoni was responsible for the maintenance of the printed Expanded Universe. She worked with Shelly Shapiro of Del Rey and James Luceno in 1998 to plan the New Jedi Order series.

The Revenge of the Sith character Eeusu Estornii, portrayed by Jacqui Louez, was named after Rostoni. However, the character was cut from final release of the film. Esu Rotsino and the R0/5T.N1 tree feeder were also named for her.

Rostoni had a blog on StarWars.com under the screenname Eeusu Estornii. On June 9, 2011, StarWars.com announced that Rostoni planned to retire as Star Wars editor in July.[1]


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