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"Sugis? They're major arms dealers."
Obi-Wan Kenobi[4]

The Sugis were a species that earned a reputation as being among the best arms dealers in the galaxy.[3]

Sugi were short bipeds, some of whom wore armored powersuits that provided them with four large legs and a segmented, barb-tipped abdomen. Because of this, some people, including the Imperial officer Wilhuff Tarkin, mistook them for an insectoid species.[2]

A group of Sugi arms dealers operated on Utapau during the Clone Wars. They were all dressed in powersuits save for their leader, Endente, who was also the only Sugi amongst the group who spoke or understood[1] Galactic Basic Standard,[5] along with Chong. The Sugi arms dealers were in possession of a massive kyber crystal that the Confederacy of Independent Systems wished to purchase.[1]

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