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"So, in your mind, I'm just like any other pirate."
"Am I wrong?"
"Not entirely."
―Sugi, and Obi-Wan Kenobi[3]

Sugi was a female Zabrak who worked as a bounty hunter and mercenary during the galactic conflict known as the Clone Wars. A native of the planet Iridonia in the galaxy's Mid Rim, Sugi owned the starship Halo, and had grown strong through years of hunting bounties; her equally strong sense of honor and duty guided her choices in her sometimes morally murky profession. One such contract she accepted was in defense of a Felucian nysillin-farming village, plagued by the Weequay pirates of the Ohnaka Gang. Together with a crew of fellow blasters-for-hire that included the likes of the Frenk Rumi Paramita, the Kyuzo named Embo, and the heavily armored Seripas, Sugi traveled to Felucia, where she and the others found themselves joining forces with a trio of JediObi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, and Skywalker's Padawan, Ahsoka Tano—in defense of the village. With the help of the Jedi, Sugi and her crew fought off the pirates and their leader, Captain Hondo Ohnaka, though Paramita fell and Embo was wounded during the battle. Once the pirates were gone, Sugi and her remaining allies received their payment and offered the previously stranded Jedi a ride off of Felucia and back to Galactic Republic space aboard her ship.


Early life and career[]

Sugi was a female Zabrak, born on the planet Iridonia,[1] a world located in the galaxy's Mid Rim.[5] When she grew older, Sugi decided to become a bounty hunter and work as a mercenary. Years of hunting bounties made her strong,[2] and at some point Sugi acquired an SS-54 assault ship known as Halo, which she utilized as her personal transport during her career.[6] By the start of the galaxy-spanning conflict known as the Clone Wars, fought between the forces of the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems, the Republic had issued a significant credit bounty on Sugi totaling AurebeshSans-Serif credit.png25,000 for supposed crimes she had committed against the galactic government.[7]

Felucian protector[]

"Might I suggest—"
"You might suggest anything you like, General Kenobi. But I know what I'm doing, and I will keep these people safe, my way."
―Obi-Wan Kenobi and Sugi[3]

Sugi and her band of mercenaries on Felucia

In 22 BBY,[8] Sugi was hired by a group of nysillin farmers on the Outer Rim world of Felucia: the farmers had become the victims of extortion at the hands of a gang of Weequay pirates, and Sugi was contracted to put an end to the pirates' illegal actions. Together with a group of other bounty hunters and mercenaries—among them, the Kyuzo named Embo, the Frenk known as Rumi Paramita, and the heavily armored Seripas—Sugi journeyed to Felucia. There, Sugi and the others negotiated a fee the farmers found generous in comparison to the pirates' demands. However, before Sugi and her team could confront the pirates, the farmers' village of Akira was found by a trio of Jedi who had become stranded on the planet after their shuttle crashed. Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker, and Skywalker's Padawan, Ahsoka Tano, accused Sugi and her mercenary crew of attempting to extort the impoverished village, but the village leader, Casiss, instead requested the Jedi's aid in defending his people's homes. Sugi was quick to remind Casiss that he had already contracted her and the other mercenaries to do the job, wishing to ensure that she and her crew were paid for the job they had come to complete, but Obi-Wan Kenobi admitted that the Jedi would be unable to help, anyway.[3]

When the pirates later rode into Akira atop speeder bikes, Sugi took it upon herself to speak on behalf of the village, demanding that the pirates either purchase the nysillin they were after, or leave the village in peace. The pirates' leader, Captain Hondo Ohnaka, however, dismissed the bounty hunter's words and offered to pay the mercenaries off with a higher sum should they merely step aside and let his gang continue their extortion of the farmers. Sugi would hear nothing of it, and refused to break the deal she and the others had previously brokered with the Felucian farmers; Ohnaka made a final threat to the farmers before he and his gang left. With that, the Jedi decided to train the farmers in combat, while Sugi oversaw the nysillin harvest. After ordering the farmers to store the nysillin in their large barn, where her ship was also being kept safe, Kenobi questioned Sugi's motives and compared her to the pirates she now stood against. Undaunted, she explained that she was not as profit-driven as Kenobi believed, and cared for the safety of the villagers. She later spotted one of the Weequay pirates scouting the village for Ohnaka, and ordered Embo to neutralize him, which the Kyuzo mercenary accomplished by breaking the pirate's neck.[3]

Sugi killing Weequay pirates with her EE-3 blaster

Soon after, the pirates attacked and, together with the Jedi, Sugi and her mercenary crew battled them. When Embo was injured by a blast from Ohnaka's tank, Sugi ran to his aid and escorted him to the safety of the barn. Rumi Paramita also fell victim to a blast from the tank's laser cannon, although she was killed by the attack. Moments later, Sugi shot and killed two pirates in retaliation for her ally's death. The battle with the pirates ended when Skywalker engaged Ohnaka, defeating the pirate captain and forcing him to retreat. Free of their harassers, the Felucian villagers praised and thanked Sugi and the others, and paid them for their services. With the job finished, Sugi offered the previously stranded Jedi a ride aboard her starship back to Republic space, which the Jedi accepted.[3]

A year later, during the Trade Federation's Blockade of Pantora, Sugi and Embo spent time on the desert world of Tatooine, at the palace of Jabba Desilijic Tiure.[9]

Rescue mission to Wasskah[]

"Make it quick, general. We're charging by the minute, and if my ship gets damaged it will cost you extra."
―Sugi to Tarfful[10]

Later in the war, Sugi was hired by a squad of Wookiees to help rescue Chewbacca, Ahsoka, Jinx and O-Mer from a group of Trandoshan hunters on the moon of Wasskah. She piloted the Halo alongside Seripas, while the Wookiees fought the Trandoshans. They were successful in their rescue of Chewbacca and the Padawans, and Sugi later flew them back to Coruscant.[10] She and Seripas were later at the Mos Eisley Cantina.

Bodyguard duty[]

Sugi was later hired by the Hutt Grand Council as a bodyguard along with Dengar, Embo, Latts Razzi and others. She was present when Maul threatened the Council with death unless they served him. In response the Hutts ordered her and her fellow bounty hunters to kill Maul. Sugi's knife throw proved futile to Force users as Savage halted it and the knife went hurling back to the feet of Embo's Anooba, Marrok. Pre Vizsla used his flame thrower to push them all back while they retreated. When Mandalorian reinforcements arrived, Sugi and Embo ambushed the trio. Sugi knocked down Maul and kicked back Vizsla. Maul recovered quickly and tried to cut her down while she was on the floor. Marrok saved her when he attacked the Sith Lord and fought him. When she reengaged him, she was quickly beaten by the Sith Lord. Latts Razzi and Dengar then threw smoke grenades to cover their escape. Maul let them go, reasoning that they were only bounty hunters and had no affiliation with anyone.

Personality and traits[]

"Oh, come, come, my dear. How much are they paying you? Bububub! It does not matter. Whatever it is, I will double it. And all you have to do to earn it is, uh...step aside."
"We don't break deals."
―Hondo Ohnaka and Sugi[3]

Sugi was a bounty hunter who was confident in her skills

A strong, reliable woman, Sugi honed her strength and skills over years of bounty hunting and mercenary work.[2] An able tactician and a proficient marksman, she was confident in her abilities but knew better than to turn down an offer of assistance when faced with a difficult job. Though her services came at a price, Sugi was not one to favor profits over people, even offering a lesser fee to impoverished farmers on Felucia to deal with the pirates harassing them.[3] The female Zabrak mercenary possessed a strong sense of honor and duty, unwilling to alter her loyalties once she had accepted a contract, even when offered a larger payout by an opposing third party.[2][3] Sugi believed in defending her clients even when presented with a significant risk to her own life, willing to die in order to protect her charge.[2] Though loyal to her employers and comrades, Sugi was suspicious of Jedi, and resented the Republic's guardians for claiming to be peacekeepers while acting as generals in the Grand Army of the Republic. Despite this, Sugi offered the Jedi trio of Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, and Ahsoka Tano passage on her ship, Halo, back to Republic space after the three assisted Sugi and her mercenary team in defending a Felucian village from pirates.[3]

Sugi showed compassion for her fellow mercenaries as well, lamenting the loss of Paramita and rushing to Embo's side when he was wounded. Despite this, she showed no mercy for her enemies.[3]

As a Zabrak, Sugi possessed a ring of vestigial horns around the crown of her head, and hair of a deep purple color. She preferred to wear her hair up, tied in a T-shaped topknot to keep it out of the way.[2] Like many other Zabraks who hailed from Iridonia,[11] Sugi donned an intricate pattern of facial tattoos.[3]


Sugi, wielding her EE-3 blaster carbine

"That's our ride. It doesn't go anywhere without us, and right now, we're busy."
―Sugi, referring to her ship, Halo[3]

An experienced bounty hunter,[2] Sugi could utilize both a blaster[3] and vibroblade in combat.[7] Her weapon of choice, however, was an EE-3 carbine rifle,[3] a weapon later made famous by the renowned Mandalorian bounty hunter Boba Fett.[12] Sugi wielded the carbine blaster rifle with a single hand in a similar fashion to a blaster pistol, and occasionally did so with a tilted grip. When not using her EE-3, the female Zabrak kept the weapon slung across her back.[3] Sugi's utility belt was adorned with several pouches, and she wore armored gauntlets of a metallic gray on both forearms over fingerless gloves.[2] For transportation, Sugi made use of her personal starship, an SS-54 light freighter built by Botajef Shipyards known as Halo.[6]

Behind the scenes[]

Sugi first appeared in Star Wars canon in the seventeenth episode of The Clone Wars television series' second season, entitled Bounty Hunters. She was voiced by actor Anna Graves, who also voiced Rumi Paramita in the same episode, in addition to having previously provided the voice of Duchess Satine Kryze. Graves' portrayal of Sugi included a noticeable Russian or Eastern European accent.


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