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"There are some things far more frightening than death."
―The Grand Inquisitor, shortly before he throws himself to his death[1]

The Grand Inquisitor falls to his death

Suicide was when an individual deliberately took their own life. This form of death was chosen for many reasons.

For a Death Watch bomber, who, after a failed attempt on bombing a memorial shrine in the presence of Duchess Satine Kryze, he chose to jump off a balcony rather than be questioned by Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi.[2]

The Father committed suicide in order to strip his Son of the power of the Force.[3]

After being defeated by Kanan Jarrus, The Grand Inquisitor chose to allow himself to fall to his death, saying "there are far worse things than death," likely fearing the infamous wrath of Darth Vader for his repeated failures.[1]

After he lost the Harbinger to the Rebel Alliance, an Imperial Admiral considered suicide as an alternative to Darth Vader's wrath.[4]

Amilyn Holdo rammed the Raddus into the First Order mega star destroyer Supremacy in 34 ABY to help save the Resistance, killing herself and many First Order personnel.[5]

Suicide attacks were sometimes used in conflicts as a means of inflicting maximum damage.[6]

The term could sometimes be used figuratively. Lady Carise Sindian believed Ransolm Casterfo's decision to speak on behalf of Leia Organa regarding her investigation into the Amaxine warriors was an act of "political suicide."[7]



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