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This article is about the Imperial technician. You may be looking for the Republic Moff.

Sulamar was a Human officer in the Imperial Army and an ally to Durga Besadii Tai in his Darksaber project. Sulamar falsely claimed to be an Imperial General.


Sulamar was a male technician in the Galactic Empire. He was transferred numerous times, and gained a reputation for being inept. At some point, Sulamar was stationed on the mining station Mendicat. However, due to an error Sulamar made in programming the computer, the station drifted off course, and fell into a nearby star. Sulamar barely escaped.[1]

By 12 ABY, Sulamar had become the aide to Durga the Hutt, leader of the Besadii criminal empire. Calling himself "General" Sulamar, he boasted of his exploits, claiming that he was responsible for numerous Imperial victories, such as the Massacre of Mendicat. The Hutt simply assumed that Sulamar was telling the truth, and did not check with his intelligence sources to see what they knew of the man. With the assistance of engineer Bevel Lemelisk, designer of numerous Imperial superweapons, Durga was building a new superweapon based on the Death Stars, which had also been designed by Lemelisk. Construction of this weapon, which the architect had named Darksaber, took place just outside the Hoth asteroid field, an area full of raw materials in the form of countless asteroids. What made this asteroid field even more enticing to Durga was that it was ignored by everyone except for smugglers. To prevent the New Republic from learning about the superweapon, Durga developed a front company known as Orko SkyMine Asteroid Processing Corporation.[1]

Lemelisk, Durga, Sulamar and the Hutt's guards stayed on a starship in the asteroid field, where they could oversee construction of the project. The actual building of the Darksaber was being done by the Taurill, a hive mind species that had agreed to work for Durga if the Hutt would later help them spread throughout the galaxy. Though the project suffered early setbacks, such as two Automated Mineral Exploiters designed for locating asteroids rich in needed materials colliding with each other, construction began, and the superweapon began to take shape. Using the Death Star plans Durga had stolen from the New Republic's Imperial Palace on Coruscant, Lemelisk designed the weapon as essentially a scaled-down version of the Death Star's superlaser contained in a shell which had only living quarters.[1]

Though Sulamar liked to give orders, he was not in command; Durga was, and he did not consider Sulamar an equal. He would frequently reprimand the Human for trying to issue orders, much to Sulamar's displeasure.[1] This impression was reinforced by Sulamar's negligible contribution to the Darksaber Project. He would often give orders in a loud voice, only to be immediately countermanded by Durga; given the job of locating computer cores for the Darksaber, the best his vaunted connections could come up with were a set of old, dangerously outmoded ones.[1]

When General Crix Madine was captured on board the Darksaber, he revealed that Sulamar was in fact a junior grade technician who was constantly transferred from one post to the next because of his incompetence. For example, the "Massacre of Mendicat" had occurred when Sulamar incorrectly programmed the orbital coordinates of an Imperial mining station, causing it to fall into the sun. This suggests what the true nature of his other "military" accomplishments was, though nothing else is known about them. It is not even certain that he ever held any officer's rank. Given the high and sometimes brutal standards in the Imperial military, it can only be guessed how Sulamar managed to avoid being decommissioned, or executed.[1]

When a New Republic fleet arrived to destroy the Darksaber, Sulamar piloted the vessel through the Hoth asteroid belt, but was killed when an asteroid collided with the vessel.[1]

Personality and traits[]

Sulamar was a sallow-faced man with gray eyes. He was arrogant, bossy and prideful, yet he showed signs of cowardice. He wore an impeccable military uniform that was kept obsessively crisp and shiny. However, Bevel Lemelisk thought to himself that Sulamar looked more like a boy trying to dress up as a man, suggesting that his braggadocio was cover for an inner weakness.[1]



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