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A female individual was present on the planet Onderon during the Onderon Civil War[1] in 3951 BBY.[2] During that time, the person killed Captain Sullio, a member of the Onderonian military, and destroyed the protocol droid S-0D3-GE3 immediately after the droid discovered Sullio's body. Dhagon Ghent, a local doctor, was arrested for the murder of Sullio but was eventually proven innocent through the work of a former Jedi Knight named Meetra Surik.[1][3]

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Sullio's murderer's first and thus far only appearance in Star Wars canon was in the role playing video game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords. The murderer appears briefly during the Onderon portion of the game. The implication seems to be that Sullio's murderer is actually the Human Beast Rider Bakkel as they share the same armor and model. However, Sullio's murderer's face is not seen during her appearance in the game and no source as of yet has definitively made this connection.

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