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Sullustans were a species of humanoids that hailed from the planet of Sullust, and were experts at manufacturing, scientific and technological development, and economics, having founded the prosperous SoroSuub Corporation.

Biology and appearance[]


A Sullustan droid specialist

Humanoids native to the planet Sullust, the Sullustans were distinguished by the two flaps of jowls around their cheeks,[2] and large, mouse-like eyes[1][7] that were typically dark and gleaming. They also had large ears.[8] The species wore native headgear to cover their wide heads; at least one of these was modified for use as a flight helmet by the famous Sullustan Alliance and Resistance pilot Nien Nunb.[9] The Sullustan language of Sullustese[6] was a rapid chatter spoken in liquid tones.[7][8]

Society and culture[]

Sullustans were a sophisticated species and lived in subterranean cities surrounded by lava.[5]



Nien Nunb, a Sullustan pilot of the Resistance.

During the era of the Galactic Civil War against the Galactic Empire, many Sullustans served as pilots for the Alliance to Restore the Republic, including Nien Nunb,[8] a former arms dealer and smuggler.[7] Many of them were recruited by the Alliance's 61st Mobile Infantry when they liberated Sullust's capital, Pinyumb, from Imperial rule.[10]

The rise of the First Order was a wakeup call for some Sullustans, as they were reminded of the dark times under the Imperial occupation of their world. Splinter groups armed with stolen technology left Sullust to join the Resistance.[11]

Sullustans in the galaxy[]

The Sullustan Piralli was a regular at the Enlightenment bar on Jedha and had a stool that he always sat on.[12] Nien Nunb was a Sullustan smuggler who fought for the Rebel Alliance and later the Resistance.[7]

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