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The Sullustan Constable Brigade was a law enforcement agency that operated on the planet Sullust.

Organization and philosophy[]

Members of the brigade were Sullustan lawmen that were tasked with criminal investigations, apprehension of offenders and the return of stolen goods. Its designated officers were trained in the discharge of their blaster weapons. In addition, they were given a great deal of jurisdiction provided to them by law. Under Article 11607 of the Emergency Service Laws, they were able to deputize any citizen to help them during their investigation. Amendment 102167 of the Sullustan Good Neighbor Act also dictated the appropriate levels of pay that were awarded to officers or salary allowance of their deputies for their duties. It was under Article 101173 of the Sullustan Emergency Service Laws were the rules surrounding a salary allowance codified.

These officers had different levels of classification to indicate their skills. Indigo-rating investigators were noted for not being easy to kill.


During the Cold War, a smuggler by the name of Skavak was reported to had stolen the priceless Murustavan Ruby from Sullust. This led officer Miel Muwn being dispatched by the government of Sullust to track down the fugitive for his high crimes and bring him to justice. His travels led him to Coruscant where he was opposed by thugs from the Black Sun hired by Skavak to eliminate the Sullustan. In this time, officer Muwn met an unidentified smuggler and enlisted their aid in hunting down Skavak.



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