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The Sullustan Home Guard was a starfleet maintained by the SoroSuub Corporation during the early years of the Galactic Civil War to defend Sullust. Its fleet of old cruisers and corvettes was initially crewed by members of the Sullustan merchant marine, but received a professional full-time complement after enough time had passed to train them. It was commanded by the Home Guard Commodore.

Initially formed to defend against pirate raids, it was created after 2 BBY's Corporate Proclamation 137d, under which SoroSuub took control of the planet Sullust and aligned the planet with the Galactic Empire. When a local resistance movement began using guerrilla tactics against SoroSuub, the Home Guard was retooled to combat the rebellion, but the number of resistance supports in the Home Guard ranks proved a major obstacle.

The opportune arrival of an Imperial-class destroyer during one of the guerrilla attacks shifted the field of battle and Nien Nunb's personal ship, Sublight Queen, was destroyed. Although Nunb himself survived the defeat, many resistance fighters scattered from the system and reformed under the Rebel Alliance banner.

With the support of the Rebel Alliance, the Home Guard proved ineffective against the Sullustan resistance. Shortly before the Battle of Endor, SoroSuub voted to support the Rebellion, and a segment of the Home Guard under senior officer Syub Snunb fought in the Endor conflict.


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