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Gelgelar docking control

A Wookiee getting frustrated at Gelgelar Free Port docking control where they only speak Sullustese

Sullustese, or Sullustan, was the language spoken by the Sullustan species.

Sample sentenceEdit

Nyeb mlu, Solo. Tsun knetto eihcra niwdoog, bnef nlle!—«We copy, General Solo. We'll keep you on our tracking screens. Good luck!»

(Note: eihcra niwdoog is Archie Goodwin reversed, a reference to the famous writer and editor.)

Known Sullustan PhrasesEdit

  • How much for a hair trim and removal?
Kippe h'moo kay ta m'ha?
  • Take a little off the top, please.
Utu rupee to tupee.
  • Take a little off the bottom, please.
Utu rupee to bootee.
  • I'd like my body shaved and shined.
M'ho towhunee moonee end zigwa.
  • Just clear the breathing holes, please.
L'ko l'ya oot me hoot.
  • I'd like it raised off the ears.
M'ho tuni voogoo.
  • I'd like it raised above the antennae.
M'ho tuni jo-jobap.
  • Just raise it above the holster.
M'ho holta pa noll'ya don.
  • May I have it curled?
K'a m'ho kurlee hurlee?
  • I'd like to have it streaked and tipped.
M'ho tooka jooked un rooked.
  • Give me the standard Wookiee cut.
Jima ja mooska wa Wookiee moo.
  • Blocked, not tapered.
Mokk, na bazdu.
  • Trim the bangs.
C'hoo za pokeluka.
  • I'd like my head shaved.
A'foos mak bubon h'lok.
  • I'd like my head shined.
A'foos mak bubon zigwa.
  • Shave, please.
O'x na att.
  • Don't cut it too short.
K'yin goh k'wang see.
  • Cover the gray.
Naqua zo grinko.
  • Cover the green.
Naqua zo hapnuk.
  • I need my roots done.
A foo ma gooptaka bok.
  • I don't know how this works.
Inoppendum Sorda.
  • I'll do that.
Quas-cu az.


  • Aarb — "Brewer," a common name among Sullustans
  • gowcara — "Cascade"[1]
  • Lequana — Roughly "cave brother"
  • Se'lahn — A state of individual disquietude
  • Uupa — One of the clan-matriarch’s mates
  • Zenn Bien — "Tranquil breeze"

Notable non-native speakers of SullusteseEdit

Behind the scenesEdit

The Sullustese spoken by Nien Nunb in Return of the Jedi is actually the Tanzanian language of Haya. One of his lines means, "Hey, you, look there," and, despite a legend that another translates to "One thousand herds of elephants are standing on my foot," he is actually saying, "All you lot over there who are over there come here."

Several Sullustese phrases in Return of the Jedi were unchanged Haya used because of time restraints. When the film aired in Nairobi a year after release, viewers there understood them. Fortunately, many of the lines fit in context.



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