"Tigereye's got more combat experience in his little right toe claw than most Imperial generals."
Lex Kempo[src]

Sully Tigereye was a Trunsk who had been a former Elite Commando infiltrator unit member with the New Republic serving directly under Colonel Andrephan Stormcaller and who followed him to the mercenary group, Red Moons. At some point in his life, possibly before joining the New Republic, he had been caged, and had possibly been a slave, which was his personal motivation for joining Red Moon.

He was the leader of the mercenary outfit sent to rescue the children of a businessman from the Pentastar Alignment who wanted to defect to the New Republic. While on Gabredor III he fought hand to hand with the Defel Vex and tore him to pieces.[1] When he learned of the death of his good friend, Lex Kempo, he was saddened.[1]

He was present in Nexus City on Entralla with Stormcaller, Ivey, and Hugo Cutter as they planned to disrupt the Lunar Night festivities.[2]

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Sully Tigereye

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