"Sumar to Captain Syndor. There has been an incident with Commander Faal. All brain activity has ceased. You are once again commander of the Winged Dagger. Congratulations, Commander."
―Sumar, contacting Syndor after Faal's death[src]

Sumar was a female Sith member of the Lost Tribe of Sith. In 44 ABY, she served aboard the ChaseMaster frigate Winged Dagger under the command of Captain Syndor. Syndor was replaced by Leeha Faal, however, at the orders of High Lord Sarasu Taalon. Later, during their mission to the Maw, Sumar was appointed to attend to Faal's body while Faal Mind Walked beyond shadows. However, while there, Faal was killed, and her body spasmed and her brain activity flatlined. Sumar instantly contacted Syndor and informed him of her death, giving him back command of the Winged Dagger.

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