The summa-verminoth were gargantuan space-faring beasts with tentacles and multiple eyes. They dwelled in the Akkadese Maelstrom and were embedded in legends of what travelers may encounter.



A summa-verminoth

In 10 BBY, Han Solo and the rest of Beckett's gang unintentionally awoke a summa-verminoth near the Maw Cluster. The massive beast began pursuing Solo, who flew the Millennium Falcon near a gravity well. Solo then ejected the Falcon's escape pod, which the summa-verminoth chased instead, right into the gravity well. The summa-verminoth was caught by the gravity well, its skin being torn from its skeleton before being pulled in.[2]

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"The jellyfish in the Kessel Run, again, came from throwing dumb ideas out in a meeting. I literally opened my sketchbook and pitched, 'What if the Falcon had to fly through a jellyfish?' [laughs] 'Yeah. All right. OK.' But we come back and, 'There's a jellyfish in the presentation.'"
―James Clyne[src]
Jellyfish Fly Through Version 1G

Concept art of what became the summa-verminoth

The summa-verminoth first appeared in the 2018 Star Wars Anthology film Solo: A Star Wars Story. Nicknamed "Space-o-pus" by the film's crew, the summa-verminoth was not originally in the script, but was a late addition approved by director Ron Howard. The creature's death scene, in which its skin is ripped from its skull, was conceived by design supervisor James Clyne as a partial nod to the Indiana Jones franchise.[4]



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