"Totally mega cool!"
―Sun King[1]

The Sun King was a powerful entity who ruled the summer season of the Forest Moon of Endor. He could only bring about summer with the season scepter, although the power was not exclusive to him. He was the brother of the Flower Queen, the Leaf Queen, and the Snow King. During the Imperial era, his brother, the Snow King, entered into an affair with Odra, Duchess of Sleet, and placed a large portion of the forest moon under perpetual winter.

To avert the crisis, the Sun King sat in on a cabal with his sisters, and enlisted the help of the Ewoks of Bright Tree Village. Thanks to the efforts of Wicket Wystri Warrick and friends, Odra was defeated, and summer restored. The Sun King himself had a cavalier attitude towards life, and despite his lofty political position, he had no grasp of formality. He also surrounded himself with courtiers, whom he would refer to as "dudes."


Rise to power[]

The Sun King's palace, seat of the Sun King's power.

The Sun King was, with his siblings, initially a prominent figure on the forest moon of Endor. At some stage either during or before the Imperial era, the Sun King and his siblings came across the season scepter, a Force-imbued relic that allowed the user to control the moon's seasons.[2] The device was also a potent weapon.[1]

The Sun King was given jurisdiction over the season of summer on Endor, while his siblings gained the same power over winter, autumn and spring. He set up residence in a palace in the lands near Bright Tree Village. It was not a substantial structure, but it featured a large pool, and he was able to host both parties and seasons from there. His palace was also the home of the season scepter itself. From there, he set himself up as a local god.[1]

The Odra crisis[]

"Okay, like, there I was, just hangin' out with some of the dudes [...] We're like sittin' there just diggin' the sunshine... like how great it was to be out there baking, y'know? When, like, all of a sudden, ZINGO! Instant deep freeze! 'Whoa, dudes! Oh no! Hey!' The Iceheads were like, gone. History. And it's been snowing ever since!"
―Sun King[1]

During the Imperial era, the Snow King was seduced by Odra, the Duchess of Sleet. After entering into a tumultuous affair with the Duchess, the Snow King seceded from his alliance with his siblings, and went independent. His heart was frozen by Odra, and so his siblings were unable to talk with him cordially. Tensions between the two factions were heightened when the Snow King's Iceheads, under the direction of the Duchess, infiltrated the Sun King's palace, and stole the season scepter. The Sun King, who was in a conference with a loyalist group of furry so-called "dudes," did not initially notice the theft, and when he did, he had his cocktail frozen by the infiltrators. Frightened, he hid under his deck chair, and so the Icehead Commandos were able to escape with a minimum of fuss. Distraught, the Sun King summoned his sisters to the palace. Events took a shocking turn when the Snow King used the scepter to initiate a perpetual winter over a large portion of the Forest Moon. The situation dire, the Sun King and his sisters had to turn to other options.[1]

The Coalition of the Freezing.

The Leaf Queen used the Sunstar to contact Shaman Logray of Bright Tree Village. However, the elderly Ewok was absent, and the communiqué was received by Wicket Wystri Warrick. Warrick was unable to locate Logray, and so, took up the task himself. Accompanied by the Princess of Bright Tree Village, Kneesaa a Jari Kintaka, Logray's apprentice, Teebo, and actress Latara, Warrick flew to the Sun King's palace by way of flying leaf. However, their flight did not go to plan. Odra dispatched Ice Heads to assassinate Warrick and his entourage en route to the palace. An altercation took place in the snow-swept fields, and while Warrick, Latara, and Teebo were able to escape, the Princess was apprehended.[1]

Skirmish at the Snow Palace[]

"Now, my brother the Sun King can have the season scepter back."
―Snow King[1]

The Sun King with his scepter returned.

The Leaf Queen, seeking to end the crisis, dispatched Warrick et alii to the Snow King's seat of power, the Snow Palace. The Sun King agreed with the judgment of sending children into a heavily fortified palace, and so the Ewoks were sent on their way. They were able to disguise themselves as Ice Heads and infiltrate the palace, although they were eventually discovered by the Duchess. Thanks to the efforts of Warrick, however, the tables were turned—the Ice Head Royal Guard were defeated, Odra stricken and shrunk, and the Snow King thawed back to his original state.[1]

The Sun King, with his sisters, arrived after the battle, and publicly took back the scepter. His brother denied having any knowledge of his actions, and so pleaded ignorance. The Sun King did not publicly forgive the Snow King for his actions, but he did act amicably towards him. With Chief Chirpa of Bright Tree Village in attendance, the Sun King was reinstated as the King of summer, although the season was in fact restored by the Snow King.[1] The Sun King was later mentioned, indirectly, in a report by the University of Sanbra's Chair of Metagrowth and Polymorphism, Professor Mankuskett, in his report on Endor's non-native species.[2]

Personality and traits[]

―Sun King[1]

The Sun King was an extremely laid-back entity, often shirking his duties in favor of lazing on the Endor beaches with his "dudes." He had a fondness for using the word "dude," and would even use it when describing a member of the opposite sex. He was also inexperienced in a crisis, instead relying on his sisters. He was the direct antithesis of his sister, the Flower Queen. She was often fussing about affairs of state and her appearance, while he could not care less. The Sun King was also inexperienced in the way of child care, as he sent several children into potential combat zones during the Odra crisis.[1]

Powers and abilities[]

The Sun King was able to use the powerful, Force-imbued artifact known as the season scepter.[1][2] His use of the scepter was powerful enough to change the climate of the moon, but he was effectively helpless without it.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The Sun King first appeared in Raymond Jafelice's "The Season Scepter," an episode of the Ewoks television series, which was written by Bob Carrau. In Daniel Wallace's article, Castaways of Endor, an indirect mention to the Sun King was made with the line "What of the shamanism and earth-magic that has turned local kingpins into weather-controlling warlocks?"[2]



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