The Sun Razer

The Sun Razer was a large type of space station that was the creation of Darth Mekhis and was developed during the Cold War era.

Background[edit | edit source]

These machines were created with the capacity to encircle a star and functioned by leeching a star of matter and energy. Through its engines, it was able to provide greater resources compared to strip-mining worlds. The energy generated by this device was so great that it was capable of powering a civilization. This allowed them to create superweapons by producing enough power and materials for the task. Not every star was capable of being used by a Sun Razer, only a select few were suitable.

A Sun Razer required shielding in order to protect itself from the energies of a star and lowering this shield effectively destroyed them as they were unable to cope with the unstable energies of the sun they encompassed.

History[edit | edit source]

During the Great Galactic War, the Sith Empire emerged from centuries of hiding in order to wage a devastating conflict against the Galactic Republic as part of the grand scheme of the Sith Emperor. Emerging from the shadows, they managed to score a number of victories against the Republic as well as the Jedi. However, the war took longer than was planned by the Emperor and the Sith suffered from shortages in resources needed to maintain their military. Thus, the Emperor decided on a bold offensive to bring about a swift resolution to the war leading to the Sacking of Coruscant. However, instead of pressing the advantage, the Sith used the attack to force an unsteady peace with the signing of the Treaty of Coruscant which ended the war.

Despite this being the case, the Dark Council were not entirely pleased with the outcome and made preparations for an eventual restart in hostilities. To aid them in that time, the Dark Councilor Darth Mekhis was responsible for creating the Sun Razer that was inspired from ancient alien designs as the Star Forge. One such device was constructed around the star in the Vesla system with a further six planned for the other worlds located in the Black Sectors that were ceded to the Sith Empire under the Treaty of Coruscant. More were intended but the fact that the Sun Razer required specific kinds of stars limited their production.

Among the weapons constructed by the Vesla Sun Razer included the Gauntlet, the Emperor's Shadow, the Undying, the Ascendant Spear and the Silencer. All these superweapons normally would have taken decades to produce even a single one of them and required enough power to turn Coruscant dark. However, with the capacity of a single Sun Razer, the Sith were able to produce two to three such superweapons within a year. Jedi Master Ngani Zho learned of the existence of the Sun Razer and other weapons developed by Darth Mekhis while posing as a slave in the Vesla system but the encounter scarred his memory. He would later return with Republic Strategic Information Service agent Theron Shan who decided to destroy the Sun Razer.

After being captured, agent Shan managed to free himself and his comrades whereupon he intended to lower the shields protecting the Sun Razer. Upon defeating Darth Mekhis and her Sith Knights, he accomplished his objective after which he escaped to Republic space. Though the Sun Razer was destroyed, a number of the superweapons it created still survived and the RSIS Director informed Shan that the Dark Council would likely attempt to use them while they still had the advantage. Commenting on this, agent Shan stated that he would be seeking out the Gauntlet which was one of the superweapons developed by the Sun Razer.

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