The Sun Runner was a 400-meter-long Corellia StarDrive Alpha-class heavy transport that went missing around 4000 BBY, when the Margrave Octan of the Darpa sector transported his family and 867 colonists to the Fondor moon of Nallastia, in the Tapani sector. Because the Margrave was a member of a ruling family known as the Royal Octans—which had obtained their wealth as space pirates—he carried aboard his ship three power gems that were able to disrupt magnetic defense shields. His ancestors had used these same power gems to overtake enemy ships and seize their property.[1]

The colonial transport vanished when it attempted to make a supply run to the nearby planet Mrlsst only a week after the colonists arrived on the satellite. The ship—identifiable by its distinguishing mark of a golden circle divided by a single white line—and its three precious power gems—known thereafter as the Lost Stars of Nallastia—were never found in subsequent searches. Having terraformed the jungle-moon, the Margrave's ruling descendants and the people of Nallastia and Fondor continued to search for the starship over the next four millennia.[1]

In 23 BBY, Groodo the Hutt created a derelict counterfeit of the vessel in a scheme to destroy the Fondor Shipyards and surface factories.[1]


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