A sun shawl was a kind of garment that protected the wearer from sunshine. At least one sun shawl was made of a metallic material. An aged Human woman who lived on the Outer Rim planet Tatooine in 0 BBY wore a sun shawl to protect herself from the binary stars of the Tatoo system.[1]

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Star Wars 1's depiction of the sun shawl scene

The scene featuring the sun shawl was filmed in front of a mosque in Djerba, Tunisia, during the principal photography of Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope on April 4, 1976. Although the scene was cut before the release of the film,[2] the sun shawl appeared in the December 1976 novelization of A New Hope,[1] ghostwritten by Alan Dean Foster,[3] then in Marvel Comics' first issue, in the same scene. In 1998, the Star Wars Insider 41 magazine published a shot of the cut-scene in The Evolution of Star Wars: Exploring the Lost Cut article.[4]

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