"All I did was kill a Sith! How many have you killed? Hundreds? Thousands?"
―Sunry to Jolee Bindo[src]

Sunry was a Galactic Republic soldier who fought in the Great Sith War alongside Jolee Bindo. It was in that war that he won the Hero's Cross for his bravery, and received a crippling injury.


Following the war, he married a woman named Elora and became an intelligence agent for the Republic. During the Jedi Civil War, he was stationed in Ahto City on Manaan, where he began an illicit affair with Elassa Huros, a Dark Jedi. However, when he found out that she was in fact a Sith spy, Sunry shot Elassa in the back, killing her, and ran to the Republic Embassy for help to cover it up.

Revan, who had arrived on Manaan with Bindo searching for a Star Map, offered to serve as arbiter in his trial.

Behind the scenesEdit

The case involving Sunry will only appear in the game if the player goes to Manaan after retrieving Jolee from Kashyyyk. Depending on the player's ability to persuade, and inclination to serve justice, Sunry can either be found guilty or innocent. This presents a moral dilemma to the player; Revan must either serve his expected, impartial role as arbiter and plead Sunry's case, or reveal Sunry's guilt without presenting a legal defense.

Due to the ambiguity of this quest, it is hard to judge from the traditional positions of the light and dark sides, and it is unknown which resolution Revan actually settled on. It is possible to convince the Ahto High Court to release Sunry on the basis of lack of substantial evidence from the Sith. Sunry will be released, and Revan will gain neither dark nor light side points, since he kept Sunry as a hero without actually lying to the court. However, if you see a recording of Sunry murdering Elassa at the Republic Embassy, then tell Sunry at his holding cell that you will keep his secret, you will gain dark side points.

Also, if you know Sunry murdered Elassa, you can tell the court at the beginning of the trial that Sunry is indeed guilty: giving them the tape will get Sunry executed, but the player can tell them Sunry admitted his guilt and still go on with the case that Sunry was still part of a Sith conspiracy. Sunry can be proven innocent and get away with the murder.

It is also possible, if the player does badly at defending Sunry, to get him a prison sentence on lack of substantial evidence on either side.

If Sunry is found innocent, the Sith would pass some of their kolto exports to the Republic as punishment. This would also lead them to wanting to getting back at Revan, their former leader, for what he had done.

Strangely, even when Sunry is proven guilty some Republic soldiers wandering around the courtyard from the embassy will say Sunry was found innocent and freed.

Sunry was voiced by Frank Welker.[1]



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