Super Empire Strikes Back Official Game Secrets is the strategy guide for the 1993 Super Nintendo Entertainment System video game Super Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. The book was written by Rusel DeMaria, Jeronimo Barrera, and Tom Stratton, and was published by Prima Publishing on November 1, 1993.

Official Description[edit | edit source]

Super Empire Strikes Back Official Game Secrets is your complete guid to LucasArts Entertainment's incredible mega-cart for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Once again, draw your blaster and ignite your lightsaber in a hair-raising adventure into the heart of Darth Vader's dark Empire.

This essential companion is jam-packed with secrets, clues, and tips.
Here's what you'll find inside:

  • Complete strategies for passing each level and each "Boss" enemy—including Darth Vader!
  • Complete screen composite maps of every platform level
  • Advice on when and how to use the Force
  • Biographies, background, and little-known facts about the characters, creatures, and events of The Empire Strikes Back
  • Photos and original artwork from The Empire Strikes Back, including behind-the-scenes pictures and original concept paintings and sketches!

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Contents[edit | edit source]

  • Introduction

PART 1 Hoth[edit | edit source]

Section 1: The Layer of the Wampa[edit | edit source]

  • Area 1 The Ice Plains
  • Area 2 Tauntan
  • Area 3 The Wampa Creature Cave

Section 2: The Probe Droid[edit | edit source]

  • Area 1 Tuantaun 2
  • Area 2 The Second Ice Cave
  • Area 3 The Probe Droid

Section 3: Hoth Battle[edit | edit source]

  • Area 1 Rebel Base 1
  • Area 2 Snowspeeder Levels
  • Area 3 Outside the Walker
  • Area 4 Inside the Walker
  • Area 5 Top of the Walker

Section 4: Escape from Hoth[edit | edit source]

  • Area 1 Rebel Base 2
  • Area 2 Rebel Base 3

PART II Dagobah[edit | edit source]

Section 5: Dagobah (Master the Force)[edit | edit source]

  • Area 1 Find R2-D2
  • Area 2 Find Yoda
  • Area 3 Habogad

PART III Cloud City 1[edit | edit source]

Section 6: Betrayal at Cloud City 1[edit | edit source]

  • Area 1 Find Lando

Section 7: Betrayel at Cloud City 2[edit | edit source]

  • Area 2 The Ughnaught Factory

Section 8: Betrayal at Cloud City 3[edit | edit source]

  • Area 3 The Carbon Freezing Chamber

Section 9: Betrayal at Cloud City 4[edit | edit source]

  • Area 4 Rescue Han

PART IV The Reactor[edit | edit source]

Section 10: Cloud City 2[edit | edit source]

  • Area 1 Arrival at Cloud City (X-wing)
  • Area 2 The Reactor Part 1
  • Area 3 The Reactor Part 2
  • Area 4 The Reactor Part 3

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