Super Empire Strikes Back Official Game Secrets is the strategy guide for the 1993 Super Nintendo Entertainment System video game Super Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. The book was written by Rusel DeMaria, Jeronimo Barrera, and Tom Stratton, and was published by Prima Publishing on November 1, 1993.

Official Description

Super Empire Strikes Back Official Game Secrets is your complete guid to LucasArts Entertainment's incredible mega-cart for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Once again, draw your blaster and ignite your lightsaber in a hair-raising adventure into the heart of Darth Vader's dark Empire.

This essential companion is jam-packed with secrets, clues, and tips.
Here's what you'll find inside:

  • Complete strategies for passing each level and each "Boss" enemy—including Darth Vader!
  • Complete screen composite maps of every platform level
  • Advice on when and how to use the Force
  • Biographies, background, and little-known facts about the characters, creatures, and events of The Empire Strikes Back
  • Photos and original artwork from The Empire Strikes Back, including behind-the-scenes pictures and original concept paintings and sketches!




  • Introduction

PART 1 Hoth

Section 1: The Layer of the Wampa

  • Area 1 The Ice Plains
  • Area 2 Tauntan
  • Area 3 The Wampa Creature Cave

Section 2: The Probe Droid

  • Area 1 Tuantaun 2
  • Area 2 The Second Ice Cave
  • Area 3 The Probe Droid

Section 3: Hoth Battle

  • Area 1 Rebel Base 1
  • Area 2 Snowspeeder Levels
  • Area 3 Outside the Walker
  • Area 4 Inside the Walker
  • Area 5 Top of the Walker

Section 4: Escape from Hoth

  • Area 1 Rebel Base 2
  • Area 2 Rebel Base 3

PART II Dagobah

Section 5: Dagobah (Master the Force)

  • Area 1 Find R2-D2
  • Area 2 Find Yoda
  • Area 3 Habogad

PART III Cloud City 1

Section 6: Betrayal at Cloud City 1

  • Area 1 Find Lando

Section 7: Betrayel at Cloud City 2

  • Area 2 The Ughnaught Factory

Section 8: Betrayal at Cloud City 3

  • Area 3 The Carbon Freezing Chamber

Section 9: Betrayal at Cloud City 4

  • Area 4 Rescue Han

PART IV The Reactor

Section 10: Cloud City 2

  • Area 1 Arrival at Cloud City (X-wing)
  • Area 2 The Reactor Part 1
  • Area 3 The Reactor Part 2
  • Area 4 The Reactor Part 3

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