Super Star Wars Official Game Secrets was a gamer's guide for the video game Super Star Wars, written by Rusel DeMaria. It was published under Prima Publishing's imprint Secrets of the Games in 1993.

The book features detailed walkthroughs for each level (illustrated by many screenshots) as well as background information on the player characters, enemies and vehicles.

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  • Introduction
  • Part I - Tatooine I
    • Level 1: The Dune Sea
    • Level 2: Landspeeder, Level I
    • Level 3: Outside the Sandcrawler
    • Level 4: Inside the Sandcrawler
    • Level 5: Part 1: Land of the Sandpeople
    • Level 5: Part 2: Land of the Banthas
  • Part II - Tatooine II
    • Level 6: Landspeeder to Mos Eisley
    • Level 7: Mos Eisley
    • Level 8: Cantina Fight
    • Level 9: Escape from Mos Eisley
  • Part III - Death Star
    • Level 10: Death Star Bay
    • Level 11: Rescue of the Princess
    • Level 12: Tractor Beam Core
    • Level 13: Death Star Attack
    • Level 14: Trench Battle
  • Super Star Wars Secret Codes

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