The Super TIE/LN starfighter, commonly called the Super TIE, was a customized Sienar Fleet Systems TIE/LN starfighter created at the Maw Installation to overcome some of the shortcomings of the traditional TIE/ln starfighter.


The Super TIE looked very similar to the standard TIE, although its engine nacelle was slightly larger. The Super TIE, however, boasted a more powerful engine and superior targeting capabilities, making it faster and deadlier than the standard starfighter.


The Super TIE was the result of a hobby project among Maw scientists taking apart and putting back together the Installation's complement of TIE fighters. Eventually dozens of Super TIEs were produced and used as interceptors to seize any starship wandering too close to the Installation. While an improvement over the TIE/LN, it was developed independently of mainstream Imperial starfighter research, which created the much more effective TIE Interceptor.


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