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The super battle droid rocket trooper was an upgraded model of the B2-RP battle droid, sporting larger jetpacks and blasters than the original model.


The upgraded rocket droid's featured was a more powerful jetpack, composed of two bulky thrusters attached to the shoulders. These gave the droid more speed and control in flight, as opposed to the smaller built-in thrusters of its predecessor. The rocket pack was complemented with small thrusters attached to the droid's ankles. Another significant change was the wrist-mounted laser cannons, both of which fired four shots simultaneously to devastating effect.


The super battle droid rocket trooper was used most notably during the Battle of Ringo Vinda. They were used alongside the droidekas in a final push that forced the Republic to retreat, after Jedi Master Tiplar had been killed.

The droids were later assigned the task of breaking into a Republic shuttle to abduct the clone trooper Tup, who had been responsible for the Jedi's death. The droids performed admirably, swiftly eliminating all other clones in the craft and bringing Tup to Admiral Trench.

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The upgraded battle droid appears in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars episode "The Unknown".



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