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The Supercoaster

The Supercoaster was a proposed roller coaster, meant to be located on the surface of the Death Star. Based on a design in the popular ride from the Imperial Amusement Park located on Coruscant, but sixteen times larger, the Supercoaster relied on a dedicated drive generator and gravity well projector. The attraction plunged riders at near superluminal velocities, hurtling toward the quadanium steel surface, pulling up at the last second into a trench run.

Behind the scenesEdit

Leland Chee has stated that, while most items, like the supercoaster and Ferris Wheel are entered for fun, much of the other information is included in the Holocron continuity database, and is canon.

The inclusion of the supercoaster is a nod to Thrillville, another LucasArts game unrelated to Star Wars.


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