"The Star Destroyer is the backbone of the Imperial Navy. Through retrofitting, we have learned how to make a superlaser the backbone of a Star Destroyer! Such a weapon would allow a Star Destroyer to break apart a small moon, or crack a continent in half. Testing has begun on the Conqueror, with more to come as soon as we solve the issues of miniaturization and power output."
―Doctor Bevel Lemelisk[src]

The Superlaser Star Destroyer were modified Imperial-class Star Destroyer that were equipped with a superlaser generator/focusing dish. It was capable of breaking a continent in half, or annihilating a two hundred kilometer moon. Employed by the Imperial Navy of the Galactic Empire, it was often sent to conduct top-secretive missions.[1]

The Conqueror was one such model, and was undergoing development at Mustafar. It was under the supervision of Admiral Victor Strang.[1]

Doctor Bevel Lemelisk noted in the Imperial Handbook: A Commander's Guide that they are still attempting to solve the miniaturization and power outputs.[1]

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