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"A battering ram cannon."
"A what now?"
"Miniaturized Death Star tech. It'll crack that door open like an egg."
―Finn, describing the cannon to Poe Dameron[3]

A superlaser siege cannon or battering ram cannon was a heavy artillery weapon deployed by the First Order, capable of penetrating enemy defenses.


The superlaser siege cannon was a piece of miniaturized Death Star technology powered by kyber crystals and capable of firing a devastating energy pulse along a targeting tracer beam to cause a powerful detonation upon impact. The two-hundred-meter cannon required support vehicles to maneuver it into position during sieges; the weapon was airlifted onto battlefields, and was towed on ultra-dense cables by All Terrain Heavy Haulers. When positioned, the cannon deployed retractable stabilizing outriggers to ground its bulk, and was armed with topside defense turrets for protection while charging.[2]



A superlaser siege cannon was deployed into the Battle of Crait under the protection of First Order walkers.

During his service to the First Order, FN-2187 knew of superlaser siege cannons and their power levels. A siege cannon was deployed by the First Order during the Battle of Crait to blow a hole in the blast door of the Crait outpost sheltering Resistance personnel. The Resistance sent "Reb" Squadron, piloting old V-4X-D ski speeders in an attempt to destroy the weapon. As they began to run out of time, FN-2187—having abandoned the First Order and joined the Resistance after taking the name "Finn"—set out on a kamikaze run into the cannon's barrel, but was intercepted by Rose Tico at the last second. The cannon fired unopposed, breaching the Resistance's defenses and ultimately allowing Kylo Ren to lead a force into the outpost.[3]



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