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Supernatural Encounters in the Star Wars Universe was to be an RPG article from a cancelled issue of Star Wars Gamer. It was to be written by Joe Bongiorno and would have been a follow-up to a previous article, Cult Encounters of the Star Wars Universe.

From Bongiorno:

"I was also in the process of writing a follow-up, "Supernatural Encounters in the Star Wars Universe" which would have detailed the Lovecraftian entity "Wutzek" (Devilworlds: The Pandora Effect), as well as the beings from Devilworlds: Tilotny Throws a Shape, and "Reist" from the UK only "Death Masque" which as of yet hasn't been reprinted. This one, though, was only in the working stages."

The skeleton of this was later rewritten into a novella for Hyperspace called, Supernatural Encounters: The Trial and Transformation of Arhul Hextrophon.

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