Supply Base was a refitting base located at Gwar. It was a XQ6 Platform controlled by the Zaarin splinter government as of 3 ABY.

The Supply Base was host to a great deal of weapons and supplies in use by Zaarin's traitor forces, as well as many capital ships under his command. Among the vessels stationed here prior to its destruction was the Immobilizer 418 cruiser Bomb and a trio of Nebulon-B2 modified frigates of Kuma group. Along with this powerful formation of warships, the Supply Base also hosted a large starfighter screen and a large minefield.

In 3 ABY during the Galactic Empire's pursuit of the traitorous Grand Admiral Zaarin, Captain Kuuztin of the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Courageous saw fit to catch Zaarin's forces off guard by assaulting his forces at Gwar without notifying Grand Admiral Thrawn of his intentions. The assault was led by Tan Maarek Stele who pushed through the Supply Base's formidable defenses and were ultimately successful in laying waste to the entire formation of warships and starfighters defending the base despite fierce resistance from the enemy. Zaarin eventually reinforced the base with two of his own Star Destroyers and several squadrons of TIE/D Defenders during the battle and these proceeded to destroy the Courageous, but were ultimately unsuccessful in prevented the destruction of the Supply Base at Stele's hands.

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