Supply Depot Thrago was a Chiss supply depot on the moon of Thrago. It was described as being classically Chiss - austere, utilitarian and bristling with defenses - and was equipped with turbolaser platforms, a shield array, cannon turrets, hidden bunkers, and a clawcraft hangar with two entrances. The weapons platforms were arranged with overlapping fields of fire, and the bunkers and hangar had been concealed with typical Chiss cunning. The fighter hangar was located inside a ridge between two particularly deep craters, with one entrance opening out of a crater slope on each side. The surrounding terrain was flecked with cannon turrets, indistinguishable from boulders. It served as the flashpoint for the Swarm War. A strike team lead by Jacen Solo attacked the depot in an attempt to provoke the Chiss Ascendancy into action against the Killiks.



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