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"Those subversives got what they deserved."
―Jace Rucklin, to Tamara Ryvora[src]

The suppression of the Aeos system was a bombardment conducted by the First Order on Aeos Prime in the Aeos system that took place following the Blockade of Dantooine, and was led by Commander Pyre and Agent Tierny. A First Order fleet bombarded a section of the neutral world of Aeos Prime as punishment for assisting the Colossus, a fugitive refueling station. While the First Order TIE Fighter Pilot cadet Jace Rucklin believed that the Aeosians deserved it for aiding the Resistance, his comrade Tamara Ryvora was horrified and decided to defect from the First Order.

Prelude[edit | edit source]

During the Imperial Era, the Aeosians of Aeos Prime gave refuge to the Rebel Alliance, allowing them to set up a base on Aeos Prime. Decades later, the Imperial remnant known as the First Order attacked Aeos Prime, destroying a village and wounding several Aeosians.[5]

Following a misunderstanding, the Aeosian Queen granted refuge to the inhabitants of the Colossus space station in return for medical aid.[5] However, the Colossus was forced to flee after the First Order tracked them down. The Colossus and its inhabitants managed to escape with the help of the Aeosian Queen and her people.[6]

The attack[edit | edit source]

Frustrated by the Colossus's efforts to evade First Order efforts to hunt them down, the First Order Navy decided to punish the inhabitants of the Aeosian village for giving refuge to the Colossus. A fleet of fourteen Resurgent-class Star Destroyers led by Commander Pyre and Agent Tierny's Star Destroyer converged on Aeos Prime and orbitally bombarded the area of the Aeosian village that had assisted the Colossus, killing many Aeosians.[3]

Watching the orbital bombardment, First Order TIE Fighter Pilot cadet Tamara Ryvora was horrified and disgusted. By contrast, her fellow cadet Jace Rucklin believed that the Aeosians were subversives who deserved to be punished for aiding the Resistance.[3]

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

The orbital bombardment devastated a part of the planet Aeos Prime.[7] Commander Pyre and Agent Tierny reported the bombardment of Aeos Prime to Supreme Leader Kylo Ren, stating that the Aeos system had been suppressed and that there was no more Resistance presence there. Ren was however displeased at their failure to capture the Colossus and used the Force to force them to aim their blasters at each other. He spared them and gave them another chance to destroy the Colossus.[3]

The devastation of Aeos Prime confirmed Tam's concerns about the First Order's ruthlessness. After recovering her comlink from Agent Tierny's office, she "borrowed" a power cell from the mouse droid 5-L and used it to power up her comlink. Seeking to defect back to the Colossus, she sent a coded transmission to Team Fireball to rendezvous on Castilon.[3]

Kazuda Xiono, Jarek Yeager, and CB-23 traveled to Castilon to rendezvous with Tam, who was leading a training flight. After the other TIE/sf space superiority fighters tried to shoot down Kaz and Yeager's stolen Atmospheric Assault Lander, Tam knocked out Rucklin and shot down the other fighters. The rescue mission was complicated when Agent Tierny learnt about Tam's defection and dispatched her Star Destroyer to the Castilon system.[3]

Despite being captured, Kaz and his friends managed to warn the Colossus that the First Order was pursuing them. The Colossus residents made a last stand against the First Order in the Barabesh system, which ended with the deaths of Pyre and Tierny and the defeat of their forces.[3]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

The suppression of the Aeos system first appeared at the beginning of "The Escape," the last episode of Star Wars Resistance Season Two.

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Notes and references[edit | edit source]

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