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Supreme Commander was a rank given to the senior-most officer in Imperial High Command, who also held direct authority over the entirety of the Imperial Military. Although Emperor Sheev Palpatine was the overall leader of the Imperial Military as Head of State and was advised by the Joint Chiefs, the Emperor was not involved in the daily responsibilities of the military-industrial complex. Those responsibilities fell to the Supreme Commander, who was briefed daily by the Joint Chiefs, created the agenda of the military to fulfill the Emperor's galactic strategy, and led High Command.[1]

The individuals who achieved the rank of Supreme Commander reportedly did not retain it for long, as the Emperor promoted infighting and competitiveness among the senior officers, and shifted assignments and responsibilities frequently.[1]

After the Battle of Yavin, General Cassio Tagge was promoted to the military rank of Grand General and placed as the Supreme Commander of the Imperial Military.[2] Tagge held the position until he was killed by Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Vader due to his multiple failures during the War on Shu-Torun.[3]

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