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"General Turr Phennir, Supreme Commander of the Confederation military. At your service."
―Turr Phennir[src]

Supreme Commander of the Confederation military was the title accorded to the leader of the armed forces of the Confederation military.


The post of Supreme Commander was created when the Five Worlds of the Corellian system were joined in their war against the Galactic Alliance by other planets, including Bothawui and Commenor. The member governments of the new union needed to find a relatively neutral military leader to take command of their combined fleets, and new planets were encouraged to join the Confederacy with the suggestion that one of their commanders might be elected as a compromise candidate.[1]

The Confederation led the Alliance to believe that a conference to select the new Supreme Commander was being held at Gilatter VIII.[2] In fact, General Turr Phennir had already been appointed to the position, and the "conference" was a ruse to draw the Alliance into the Battle of Gilatter VIII.[3]

As Supreme Commander, General Phennir wore a white uniform in a style similar to those worn by officers of the Galactic Empire that he had once served—reminiscent of, if not actually identical to, the uniform of an Imperial Grand Admiral.[4]

At the Unification Summit in 43 ABY, Phennir appeared with Natasi Daala and Jagged Fel as the Confederation's representative indicated that, like the Imperial Remnant, the Supreme Commander acted as a de facto, if not de jure, head of state for the Confederation.


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