"With no means of escape, only the Supreme Guard will stand between you and your prey."
―Darth Tormen to the Grand Champion.[src]

The Supreme Guard were highly trained members of the Republic Military who during the Cold War served as the protection detail for the Galactic Republic's Supreme Chancellor.

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These soldiers of the Republic armed forces consisted of the best trained and most devoted members that were charged with the protection of the Supreme Chancellor. This bodyguard detail wore inconspicuous clothing in order to prevent any interference with the routine of the Chancellor. Despite that, these guardsmen were always vigilant for danger and kept a detachment of fully armed as well as armored soldiers that were kept nearby in order for them to rush to the defense of the leader of the Galactic Republic.[1]

Candidacy into their ranks led to rigorous testing of a prospective recruit that sought out all manner of skills though aptitude alone was not enough for acceptance into the Supreme Guard. Recruits needed to prove their willingless to sacrifice their own life for another before even being considered. As a result, every guardsmen had a story of sacrifice and selflessness. This was either in the line of duty or elsewhere with this being the story that defined many amongst the Supreme Guard.[1]


During the Cold War, Jedi Master Jun Seros was defeated by the Grand Champion of the Great Hunt when open hostilities were made against the Republic by the Sith Empire following the invasion of Corellia. The defeat of the Jedi allowed his effects to be examined by Darth Tormen who extracted the location of the Supreme Chancellor. He concluded that the Chancellor was onboard the Founder and was being protected by members of the Supreme Guard. The bounty hunter was thus tasked with infiltrating the ship and defeating their ranks in order to confront Chancellor Dorian Janarus.


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