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The Suprosa was a heavily modified Imperial MB-C1 medium transport.

History[edit | edit source]

Allegedly hauling fertilizer, the Suprosa was raided by members of the Rebel Alliance, including Luke Skywalker, Dash Rendar, Ace Azzameen and a group of Bothans piloting Y-wings. They found it to be transporting data on the construction of the second Death Star.[1]

Many of the Bothans died in the subsequent effort to return the data to Rebel High Command when Suprosa launched a diamond boron missile into the Y-wing formation, obliterating everything in a 500-meter radius. However, the Rebel forces were able to disable the ship. Strafing the ship with his Y-wing, Azzameen disabled the transport's weapons with his ion cannons before another missile could be fired. Skywalker then disabled the ship's engines with his X-wing fighter.[1] Luke briefly felt the dark side of the Force during his attack run on the freighter's engines in response to half his Bothan squadron being destroyed.

With the vessel disabled, Dash and several Bothans boarded the ship to secure the information. The Bothan group Deep Ear brought the plans to the planet Gellefon, where they were briefly captured before bringing the information back to Alliance High Command.

The intelligence indicating that Suprosa carried valuable information was leaked deliberately by Imperial Intelligence, as part of Emperor Palpatine's ruse to lure the Alliance to Endor in order to obliterate them.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

The Shadows of the Empire novel identifies Suprosa as a Corellian freighter.

In the book Shadows of the Empire, Luke is credited with disabling the ship by himself, whereas in the video game Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance, Ace incapacitates the freighter. For this article, both are assumed to be correct, with Ace keeping the ship from firing its weapons again, and Luke disabling the ship's engines. However, according to the novel, there was not enough time to notify Rebel command of the "Endor Project" plans being transferred on the Suprosa. Therefore, there is no mention of Ace. The novel implies that other than Luke Skywalker and Dash Rendar, all of the pilots present were Bothans.

The Shadows of the Empire level taking place in the Suprosa makes the ship look substantially larger than it seems from the exterior. It also has a hangar, and Dash has to open it so that the Outrider enters.

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Inside freighter Suprosa

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