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"I need to find a new hang glider to explore the Surabat River Valley. Can you help me?"
―Peekpa's job posting[src]

Surabat River Valley was a location on the planet Batuu, named after a settler on the planet, Ariana Surabat. The deep, curved valley was full of tall pointed spires of rock that proved difficult for pilots to navigate through, many of which required very treacherous turns.[1] At some point after the Battle of Crait during the war between the First Order and the Resistance, the Ewok Peekpa hoped to explore the river valley while on Batuu. She posted a job listing in Black Spire Outpost requesting that someone help her find a new hang glider to explore the valley with. A visitor to the outpost responded, and successfully located the glider at Outer Rim Expedition and Supply, which Peekpa claimed she would pick up and use later on.[2]

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This valley was first depicted in trading cards revealing locations and details from Disney's upcoming Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge theme park area, which were themselves first unveiled during the December 16, 2017 "Galactic Nights" session. Similar to other map cards, the card containing the valley contained part of an Aurebesh poem along the border of the card. However, unlike the other cards, it has two Aurebesh lines, due to it being a corner card. The lines were, for the bottom line "COME STAY FOREVER OR", and for the left line, "JUST PASS ON THROUGH". It is speculated that Surabat River Valley may be one of the locations for the Millennium Falcon ride.[1]

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