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"I'm a journalist. I needed a story, and I thought Poe could give it to me. I manipulated him. Used our friendship to get what I wanted."
―Suralinda Javos[src]

Suralinda Javos was a female Squamatan who lived approximately 30 years after the Battle of Endor. Javos served in the New Republic Navy alongside Poe Dameron some time after the Battle of Endor, becoming acquainted and establishing a friendship with him. Eventually she resigned her commission to become a journalist, working for the Galaxy Beacon. During the First Order–Resistance war, she attempted to manipulate Poe into getting the location of the Resistance[1]


Reuniting with PoeEdit

Approximately 30 years after the Battle of Endor, she arranged a meeting with Dameron to write a scandal story about the rumored Resistance, with the scandal of finding the location of their secret base. She sent a message to him from the Inner Rim planet Pheryon, pretending she had information about the First Order that she had uncovered during her journalism work, including information about a secret large-scale project.[1]

Before Dameron arrived, Javos bribed the security forces in the floating city to leave, and arranged for a gang of thugs to shoot at them once Dameron arrived, framing the former on the latter group. The deal went as planned, and Javos and Dameron escaped the city on a stolen stormsailer. While they escaped they were captured by four stormtroopers led by Lieutenant Weel of the First Order Security Bureau. The two escaped, and Javos then revealed to Dameron that she had deduced that he flew for the Resistance. Having gained her trust, she was flown by Dameron to the Resistance headquarters on D'Qar to relay her ostensible intel on the First Order to General Leia Organa. Once there, she quit her job as a journalist to join the Resistance.[1]

Joining the ResistanceEdit

Due to her deception, Javos was relegated to sanitation duty on the base. Eventually, Poe summoned her to a meeting with Organa, who still had misgivings about her earlier deception. Javos apologized once again for her selfish ambitions and still wished to do whatever she could to aid the Resistance. Organa agreed to give her a second chance, explaining the need for increased public opinion for the Resistance, which Javos interpreted as a need for her own skills in manipulation. She analyzed that due to the New Republic dismissing the First Order as a threat and have yet to take the Resistance seriously, they could turn it around by capturing footage of how the Resistance works as well as the truth face of the First Order. Therefore, she turned to C-3PO, asking if he did indeed managed a galactic network of spy droids, to which he quickly denied before his mistress gave him permission to disclose.[3]

Mission to SpalexEdit

Javos soon flew copilot with Jessika Pava in an old BTL-S3 Y-wing Starfighter as it was the only two-seater fighter the Resistance had on hand with Karé Kun accompanying them in her X-Wing. However, Poe wasn't accompanying them, mentioning that he and Temmin Wexley were going after Oddy Muva. While traveling through hyperspace, Javos tried to get to know Pava a little better, mentioning how her own species was nearly driven to extinction by the Empire. She then inquired by Muva and learned that he was a traitor who leaked Black Squadron's movements to the First Order and had since been on the run.[3]

The trio arrived on the planet Spalex to capture footage of the First Order executing the natives for refusing to disclose the location of their thorilide deposits. Pava and Kun desired to intervene but Javos reminded them to stay on mission, pointing out that they're outnumbered and that this footage would save billions more lives over the few. Unfortunately, the two refused to let a massacre ensue and opened first on the stormtroopers, resulting in the team's capture. Javos immediately surrendered to the First Order and requested to speak with their commanding officer. She revealed to him that she had camera drones in place recording all the events on the ground and transmitting to a relay in orbit that would beam it to her office on Hosnian Prime if she didn't check in. She offered the access codes to the drones so he could delete the footage himself before identifying Pava and Kun as members of the Resistance and Black Squadron, giving him incentive to keep them alive.[4]

Javos was soon cuffed next to Pava and Kun, who immediately accused her of betrayal. She defended that she did what was necessary to save their lives but insisted she had an escape plan, telling them to run as soon as she unlocks their cuffs. Though Pava insisted they'd be shot before they could make it ten feet, Javos stated she only required a distraction, revealing she had more than one camera drone in the sky.[5]

The second Javos unlocked their cuffs, Pava and Kun made a run for it while Javos made it to her drone controls, signaling them to come down and blast all the First Order forces. Unfortunately, their relief was a short-lived as a First Order Light Cruiser over their heads. The trio soon found themselves on the run from a pair of TIE fighters and a Xi-class light shuttle piloted by Commander Malarus, which destroyed their starfighters. Luckily, they were saved by Poe and Temmin, who had managed to escape from the Enshado, only to be chased by a whole swarm of TIEs. Then suddenly, one of the TIEs, piloted by Oddy Muva, opened fire on the First Order before ramming the Enshado, destroying it and forcing Malarus to retreat.[5]

Upon reuniting with Poe, Javos informed him that all her camera drones were destroyed in the battle, save one, which captured footage of Muva's heroic sacrifice. Though Poe insisted it wasn't exactly true, Javos retorted that he should grow up, reminding that there's a war on.[5]

Mission to Cato NeimoidiaEdit

Javos later accompanied Organa to Cato Neimoidia as her bodyguard as part of a plan to rescue Lor San Tekka from House Maccon. The plan involved sneaking in a series of crates containing the late Padmé Amidala's gowns with Poe concealed inside one of these crates to infiltrate the vaults of House Maccon.[6] As soon as Poe was in the vault, Black Squadron would engage House Maccon's droid fighters, causing enough distraction for Poe to free San Tekka and smuggle him out in the same crates. Javos personally escorted the crates back onto Organa's transport, noting that the two guards stationed there were nowhere to be found. She then released Poe and they both disembarked to get him to Black One to assist his squadron. Unfortunately, both Organa's transport and Black One were hijacked by Agent Terex and Commander Malarus respectively, who had somehow anticipated their plan.[7] Javos commented how their heist had turned into a disaster. Thankfully, Baron Paw Maccon agreed to loan Poe an old V-Wing, which he used to knock Malarus out of the sky, after which she was arrested by House Reya.[8]

After the battle was over, Javos expressed her sympathies to Poe over the loss of his fighter but he assured her that he's rather lose a fighter than a pilot before reminding they had more important concerns. Organa then revealed that she had a tracker hidden in with the gowns and hopefully they'll be able to track down Terex before he hands Lor San Tekka to the First Order or kills him.[8]

Meeting on D’QarEdit

Javos was present at a meeting on D’Qar after the battle of Starkiller Base where it was shown that the First Order had already regrouped and were ready to attack the Resistance Base on D’Qar. It was then decided that Black Squadron excluding Poe would travel to the Outer Rim to gather help and allies for the Resistance.[2]

Mission to PastoriaEdit

Javos subsequently received the designation Black Four and received and A-Wing as Black Squadron departed D'Qar. When Pava insisted that nothing could go wrong with the Resistance leadership while they're away, Javos advised her not to jinx them.[9]

Black Squadron traveled to Pastoria, where upon planetfall, they spotted evidence of battle damage to its tree cities. Javos speculated that the First Order may have attacked recently but if she was correct then Black Squadron would already be under attack. Upon landing, they were personally greeted by King Siroc. The Pastorian monarch acknowledged the threat of the First Order, though Javos whispered to Pava that in her experience, kings don't do anything for free. She was soon proven correct, as Siroc stated that his reign was being threatened by a terrorist group seeking to depose him. Thus, he requested Black Squadron's aid in escorting Colonel Squill and his squadron through a terrorist-claimed region as a show of strength if he is to support the Resistance.[9]

Black Squadron reluctantly decided to aid the Pastorian despite Javos and Pava having misgiving about the mission. Their flotilla was soon intercepted by an opposing Pastorian flotilla, which Squill claimed to be an unprovoked attack. Snap ordered Black Squadron to hold position, not wanting to get involved, but Kun reasoned that Siroc would not be so eager to support the Resistance if they let his people die, so Black Leader ordered the squadron to engage and try to minimize casualties. Complying with orders, Javos attempted to disable the first enemy fighter only to accidentally destroy it. The undefended enemy transport was soon destroyed by Squill's fighters, leaving Black Squadron wondering if they were on the wrong side of the conflict.[9]

Upon returning to Siroc, Black Squadron learned that they unknowingly aided in killing the king's primary rival claimant to the throne. Siroc had managed to acquire his rival's travel schedule but couldn't attack him when he was deeply entrenched in his own territory, so he used Black Squadron to trick him into responding to an invasion. He believed his rival would've fought against the First Order and have gotten all his people killed, so he needed him out of the way for when the First Order arrives to negotiate. Javos labeled Siroc a fool, insisting that the First Order would just take everything Pastoria has and then destroy them, though the king begged to differ. Nonetheless, for their aid, he refueled their ships before advising they give up on General Organa's cause. Black Squadron then departed Pastoria.[9]

Battle of Grail CityEdit

Black Squadron then traveled to Ikkrukk, which was under attack by the First Order. Briefly debating on whether to go off-book like they did on Pastoria, Black Squadron unanimously agreed to aid the Ikkrukkians. Javos added there was another angle, as the current siege was proof that the Hosnian Cataclysm was just the start of the First Order's galactic conquest. Suspecting some systems had doubts, Javos suggested that if she could capture some footage and broadcast it to the galaxy that it may rally more support to their cause. Snap then got in contact with Prime Minister Grist and learned from her that First Order sympathizers had sabotaged Grail City's defense cannons. Pava asserted that she could reactivate the defenses if she could get to the control room. Grist stated they needed to get her past the city's domed shield but was disappointed hear that no other reinforcements were coming, so she said they could briefly open the shield to allow her through, so they need to be precise.[10]

As the First Order heavy cruiser, Fortitude, diverted an entire swarm of TIEs to intercept Black Squadron, Javos remarked that the only bright side to this was that if Black Squadron didn't survive, at least their heroic sacrifice may stir support for the Resistance; Snap ordered everyone to ignore her. In the midst of the dogfight, Grail City transmitted coordinates for where they would open the shield gate in forty-five seconds, so he ordered Javos and Pava to get over there while he and Kun distract the TIEs. Javos insisted she stay outside too but Snap argued that they couldn't risk any TIEs getting through the shield and told her job was to protect Pava.[10]

Complying with orders, Black Three and Four made for the shield gate. As Pava sustained damage to one of her engines, she expressed her fear to Javos that she wouldn't make it, but the latter begged to differ. Pava managed to make it through despite losing one of her wings, resulting in her X-Wing crashing. They soon rendezvoused with Grist and her loyalists.[10]

Unfortunately, as they made their way through Grail City's caves, they were ambushed by First Order Sympathizers, resulting in Javos being shot in the chest and becoming separated from Grist. Pava managed to revive her, causing the Squamatan to wake up in extreme pain from her wound. Noting that they were outnumbered, Javos expressed uncertainty at their success. Pava proceeded to motivate her, asking if she was going to lie down and die while someone else writes about their heroic last stand, to which she responded that it would probably be done by "some hack."[11]

Detecting a group of First Order sympathizers searching for them, Pava told Javos that the enemy had likely divided their forces to search for them and Grist while leaving a skeleton crew guarding the defense grid controls. As they needed to get past the sympathizers first, Javos stated she had a plan but warned it would not be pretty.[11]

Javos then positioned herself on the tunnel ceiling and waited for the sympathizers to find Pava, at which she revealed herself and spat her acidic venom at their faces, causing a brief distraction so Pava could gun them down. After complimenting each other, Pava expressing disgust on the disfigured corpses, Javos reminded that she did gave her fair warning. The pair soon rejoined Grist and together they dispatched the remaining sympathizers and reactivated the defense grid, destroying the Fortitude.[11]

Fortuitously, Black Squadron was reunited with Poe Dameron, who had come to their aid in the middle of the battle. Though they attributed their victory to him, Poe responded that their victory came from all of them, and that they'll continue to deliver as long as necessary. But as they asked him what happened to the Resistance fleet, they were interrupted by the arrival of Grist, who expressed her thanks to Black Squadron for lifting the siege. Javos then introduced Poe and Grist to each other before the Prime Minister affirmed her support for the Resistance. Black Squadron was invited to a celebratory drink.[11]

Later that night, Javos joined Black Squadron as they looked to the stars with renewed hope of restoring peace and freedom to the galaxy. Poe then declared that the Resistance had truly begun.[11]

Personality and traitsEdit

Javos was a female Squamatan with blue skin, dark hair and brown eyes.[1]



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