The SureSnoop was a surveillance tagger[2] produced by Rhinsome Tracking Corporation.[1] One of the more powerful surveillance taggers available on the open market, but is use was restricted on many planets. It consisted of two parts, a small tag which was placed on a target, and a paired tracker. The two were synchronized to the same frequency and pulse cycle to communicate. The tag was only three centimeters in diameter, allowing it to be hidden virtually anywhere, including inside jewelry, comlinks, or other personal items. It had a detachable barb to attach to clothing, but could also be disguised as a button or cufflink. It featured a magnetic plate to allow it to attach to metal objects such as vehicles or droids.[3]

The SureSnoop had a range of five kilometers,[1] and the information relayed to the tracker[3] gave the exact range, direction and speed of the target.[1] The tracker had a holoprojector to display the tag's location in three dimensions if it was preloaded with maps of the area.[3] SureSnoops cost 3,000 credits,[1] and weighed one kilogram. Extra and replacement tags cost 500 credits apiece.[4]


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