Surepp were animals herded by the Alwari clans of Ansion. They had three eyes arranged vertically, the top eye used to scan for aerial prey, the middle eye for looking ahead, and the bottom eye to search for food on the ground. This ocular arrangement gave very poor peripheral vision, but since surepp herds contained thousands of animals they had enough eyes to look everywhere. Their size and the number of their herds meant that predators rarely gave them trouble. They were popular among the richer clans, who used them for milk, meat, wool, and hides (in the past, their antlers and teeth had been used for toolmaking).

Male surepp had coiled antlers, blue fur, and dark neck ruffs; females were slightly larger, had green fur, and lacked ruffs. Less than one in a thousand were albinos.

In 22 BBY, it was a tuft of fur from an albino surepp that four Jedi ambassadorsMasters Luminara Unduli and Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Padawans Barriss Offee and Anakin Skywalker—were challenged by the Borokii overclan council of elders to secure, if the Jedi diplomats hoped to gain an audience with them to hear the Jedi Council's proposal for keeping secession-threatened Ansion within the Galactic Republic. This near-impossible task was accomplished in a remarkable feat spearheaded by Master Unduli, which almost proved fatal when she lost her footing skimming across the backs of the native surepp and fell in the midst of the massive herd. But Kenobi and the Padawans, with the aid of the Force, were able to rescue her—and the tuft of white surepp wool they'd been challenged to deliver—and thereafter meet with the elders. As a result, the Jedi ultimately were successful in their mission to secure a lasting peace between the Alwari overclans and Ansion's Unity of Community, which ensured the planet's retention within the Republic.


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