A Survey Team was a unit of the Imperial Military assigned to investigate planets and moons for the Galactic Empire.

The standard procedure for an Imperial Survey Team when investigating an unknown world began by using orbital sensors to visually record the surface, scan for lifeforms, and take geological readings. If any sign of sentient life was found, no matter how low its level of technology, the team would land personnel on the surface to observe the natives up close.

Thousands of such teams searched for a suitable construction site for the second Death Star and the shield generator which would protect it during construction. IX3244-B under Captain Toss was the team which discovered the forest moon of Endor, the eventual construction site.

IX3244-B's personnel consisted of both stormtroopers and Imperial officers trained as scientists. They traveled from system to system on board a survey frigate, and used shuttles to land on the planets or moons they investigated. Presumably, the spacecraft and personnel assigned to IX3244-B were typical of Imperial Survey Teams.


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