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Susevfi, also known as Suarbi 7/5, was a moon of Suarbi 7.

Settled by Corporate Sector expatriates in 400 BBY, its history is unknown until the arrival of Nikkos Tyris, an Anzat Dark Jedi and minion of Count Dooku. Tyris established the Jensaarai cult, with himself as first Saarai-kaar, but his death at the hands of Nejaa Halcyon would keep the Jensaarai hidden.

At some point, Susevfi came under the control of the Galactic Empire. Shortly before 11 ABY, Susevfi's Imperial Governor was killed by Leonia Tavira after he refused her sexual advances. Her Invid pirates made Susevfi their center of operations and coerced the Jensaarai into cooperation by threat of force.

Corran Horn eventually freed the Jensaarai from their service to the Invids. The planet was then brought into the New Republic. Some Jensaarai chose to join the New Jedi Order. Horn's friend Elegos A'Kla relocated the Caamasi Remnant (of which he was Trustant) from Kerilt to Susevfi and represented the moon directly in the New Republic Senate. When he was murdered by Shedao Shai, he was replaced in the Senate by his daughter, Releqy A'Kla, who later served on the High Council of the Galactic Alliance. Susevfi's main city was a seaport known as Yumfla.

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