"I don't support your treaty, Admiral. But I'm an Imperial officer, and I will obey my superiors. You and the Moffs have agreed; if and when the order to cease hostilities is given, I will obey it."
High General Ramic to Admiral Gilad Pellaeon[src]

Sutt Ramic was a competent and respected officer of the Imperial Remnant.


Some fifteen years after the Battle of Endor, High General Ramic was in direct command of one of the two Golan III Defense Platforms in orbit over the planet of Muunilinst. As the senior military officer of the Muunilinst defense, he found himself in a position of relative power and unease when the Supreme Commander of the Imperial Fleet, then-Fleet Admiral Gilad Pellaeon, approached him concerning a treaty of peace between the Imperial Remnant and the New Republic. Despite his misgivings, Ramic admitted that he was tired of the hopeless state of the Empire and, combined with loyalty to both the Empire and Pellaeon, forced himself to agree with Pellaeon's proposal.

Sutt Ramic was also one of the many officers under Pellaeon's command who despised Moff Vilim Disra's use of Imperial funds to purchase Preybird-class starfighters from the Cavrilhu Pirates, a major factor he took into consideration when weighing the possibilities of peace with the New Republic.



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