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Two different groups from the planet Svivren resisted the Galactic Empire.

First resistanceEdit

Around 4 ABY, the Rodian Cevva Xuz thrived on the planet Svivren, having passed several weapons through local customs. Although Xuz had known links with the Rebel Alliance, Imperial General Touno was unable or unwilling to arrest him. Pressured by Mara Jade, who was looking for a different prey, Touno sent stormtroopers and Captain Strok to arrest Xuz. When he tried to, Xuz's group answered with blaster fire. At the end of the battle, several stormtroopers and bystanders had been killed.[1]

Second resistanceEdit

In 9 ABY, Grand Admiral Thrawn attacked Svivren and several other worlds aligned to the New Republic. The Imperial Navy was opposed by the locals, the Svivreni species, who disliked very much the idea of being sieged.[2] This caught the Imperials flat-footed. After several failed attempts against the Svivreni resistance, the Imperial Navy retreated,[3] only to return later and try to occupy Svivren. For a long time, the Imperials were unsuccessful at fighting the local resistance,[2] and their plight was well-known enough to have reached the ears of Samuel Tomas Gillespee, by then living at Ukio.[4]



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