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Dragonsnake Bog, a swamp on Dagobah

A swamp was forested wetland. They generally occurred where groundwater met the surface, or in low-lying coastal areas near seas or oceans. In some cases, such as on the planet Dagobah, a swamp environment could cover the entire surface.

Examples of swamps included the Lianorm Swamp of Naboo, the Dulok Swamp of Endor, and the Kajiin Swamp of Murninkam.

Some species that resided in or around swamps included swamp wampas, swamp womp rats, swamp slugs, swamp banthas, and swamp demons. The Patitites were diminutive sentient beings native to the swamps of Patitite Pattuna.[1]

Swamp pickles could be found on Endor.

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